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Bearings & Bushes

Bearings are important structural components that allow for a smooth and quiet spinning operation, with less friction. By providing smooth rollers and a smooth inner and outer metal surface so that the ball can roll against it, bearings reduce friction and allow free linear movement. This simple concept makes bearings an important part of industry applications.

Here at Bearing Shop UK, you will find a number of bearings available to suit your needs. The most commonly used from our product lines are Ball Bearings, Taper Roller Bearings, Rod End Bearings, Roller Bearings, and Needle Bearings. Read on to find out what kind of Bearings you need and don't forget to browse through more of our products, such as V Belts and V Pulleys for your Power Transmission needs.

Ball Bearings – The most common type of Bearing used in handling radial and thrust loads for relatively small applications.

Taper Roller Bearings – Commonly used in car hubs due to their capacity to support great loads of radial and thrust loading.

Rod End Bearings – Versatile bearings popularly used in a number of industrial applications as a precise articulating joint. Originally used in aircraft, the use of Rod End Bearings is now utilised by radio-control helicopters, transportation equipment, jet engines, surface ships, material handling equpment, agricultural machinery, and fluid power applications, along with several others.

Roller Bearings – Commonly used to hold heavy radial loads but are not commonly associated with thrust loads.

Needle Bearings – A variation of Roller Bearings which use cylinders with a smaller diameter rather than a bigger one. This disparity in diameter allows Needle Bearings to fit into tight and small areas.

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